Ultra Former III HIFU Face & Body

image of Ultraformer HIFU in action

Ultraformer III is an FDA-approved medical grade premium high intensity focussed ultrasound (HIFU) treatment, offered in only the world’s leading clinics and spas, and used by leading doctors and surgeons. Ultraformer III utilises both micro and macro multi-functional focused energy to deliver the deepest level of treatment, giving you maximum results possible, with no down time at all.

Ultraformer III is a completely non-invasive lifting and contouring treatment for both the face and neck and body, with adding benefit of eliminating stubborn areas of fat from the body and chin area. Ultraformer III HIFU treatment is able to penetrate into the very deepest layer of the dermis to tighten tissue, regenerate collagen and elastin fibres, and eliminate fats cells. Full results can be seen after a 3-6 month period.

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Facial Treatments

Lower Face & Neck £499.00

Upper Face £499.00

Lower Face & Neck with Fat Reduction £550.00

Full Face £799.00

A 3 month interval must be left before retreating any facial area.

Body Treatments

Small Area £195.00

Course x4 £699.00

Medium Area £295.00

Course x4 £999.00

Large Area £375.00

Course x4 £1200.00

A 4 week interval must be left before retreating any body area.