HairBare Professional Hair Removal

Hairbare hair removal treatment on client at Eden Beauty & Aesthetics, Southend

A revolutionary hair removal system that offer pain free, long term hair removal.

So much more than just hair removal treatment. HairBare is a completely unique 3 in 1 treatment that removes fine, fluffy, peach fuzz hair immediately, whilst acting as an exfoliating, brightening, deep cleansing treatment for the skin, leaving you with a flawless airbrushed complexion for the ultimate make up base. The specialised transdermal alkaline solution is able to penetrate down into the hair bulge itself, damaging stem cells which results in slower, weaker, hair growth after a course of treatments.

Upper Lip & Chin £22.00

Course of 6 £110.00

Lower face £35.00

Course of 6 £175.00

Neck £35.00

Course of 6 £175.00

Forearms £45.00

Course of 6 £225.00

To book a HairBare treatment, call Eden on 01702 480773. Or email us at or message the team on Instagram or Facebook.