Time for Men at Eden

Elemis Urban Cleanse Facial

1 hour - £55.00

This super grooming maintenance facial works to eliminate blocked pores, accelerate skin repair, and cleanse impurities from the skin.. A facial that provides long lasting defence against daily pollutants, leaving skin visibly fresher and cleaner.

Elemis Biotech Mens Facial

1 hour 30 mins - £89.00

This technically advanced facial has been clinically proven to target a host of skin concerns and deliver immediate results. Biotech facials work to turbo charge your skins energy, literally switching your skin back on. This pioneering facial gives longer lasting results than any other Elemis facial.

Elemis Well-being Massage

1 hour - £55.00

A full body massage that can be customised to your individual needs. Firm deep tissue massage techniques can used to alleviate aching tight muscles, whilst also helping to deal with stress and tension of the mind.

Elemis Well-Being Back Massages

20 mins 30 mins 40 mins - £25.00 35.00 45.00

The benefits of a professional back massage can never be underestimated. The back, neck ,and shoulder area so often carries our stress and tension, resulting in aches, pains, and stiffness. Our Elemis active oil blends help to combat these problems, whilst specialised massage techniques deal with tight muscles.

Elemis Total Timeout for Men

2 hours 15 mins - £115.00

Indulge in the ultimate massage ritual. Bringing together the benefits of an Elemis Advanced Mens Skin IQ facial, with the powerful effects of an Elemis Well-Being full body massage. Experience bliss as the power of touch eases away tension and encourages the deepest level of relaxation.

Mens Elemis Manicure

45 mins - £29.00

Mens Elemis Pedicure

1 hour - £36.00

Mens Waxing

Chest (30 Mins) £23.00
Back (30 Mins) £23.00
Eyebrows (15 mins) £10.50

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