Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

This revolutionary clinically proven full body wrap is the only body wrap on the market that targets the bodies fat cells and not just fluid. This means that inches will stay off and the results achieved are permanent.

An ingredient derived from the soya bean successfully causes the break down of the fat cell in a process known as lyposis. The fat cell is then reduced to a liquid form and can be naturally passed through the bodies waste systems.

The Shrinkimg Violet body wrap is a great kickstart to any diet or healthy lifestyle regime. It’s also an incredibly relaxing treatment to have, enjoy a lymphatic drainage face and scalp massage with every treatment. A course of treatments is always recommended to achieve the best results.



Single Wrap

1 hour 15 minutes - £65.00

Express Course of 3 Wraps

1 hour 15 minutes each - £180.00

Full Course of 7 Wraps

1 hour 15 minutes each - £385.00

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