Massage Rituals

Elemis Poultice Powered Muscle Release Massage

1 hour 15 mins - £65.00

Tension is dissolved, aching muscles are released with this invigorating yet deeply relaxing massage. Using a uniquely designed warm quartz Poultice combined with the powerful benefits of eucalyptus & juniper, each area of tension is specially targeted with vibrational energy to re-mineralise the body. A wonderful restorative facial massage completes your journey of opulence.

Eden Ritual Signature Massage

1 hour 15 mins - £65.00

Eden exquisite signature massage, an experience not to be missed. This therapeutic ritual begins with warmed frangipani oil being luxuriously drizzled over the body, allow the soothing rythmic flowing lomi lomi massage movements to totally relax your mind & body. All Completed with a deeply relaxing face and scalp massage. This truly unique therapy embraces all of the senses.

Eden Equilibrium Signature Massage

45 mins - £45.00

Rebalance with Edens unique signature massage. This relaxing therapy focusses on the key stress areas of the body, working to unlock tension in the soles of the feet, back, neck, shoulders and finally scalp, leaving you feeling utterly rejuvenated.

Elemis Well-Being De-stress full body massage

1 hour - £55.00

Perfect for those who need to relax, wind down, and release the stressess of everyday living. Using the calming soothing blend of lavender & chamomile essential oils.

Elemis Muscle Melt Massage full body massage

1 hour - £55.00

This customised massage is perfect for those who enjoy a firmer pressure. Alleviates stress areas, eases aching muscles & stiff joints. Using a dynamic blend of rosemary, juniper & pine essential oils.

Elemis Well-Being Back Massage

20 mins 30mins 45mins - £25.00 35.00 45.00

Experience the many benefits of a massage that focuses purely on the back, neck, and shoulder area. An area that is so often the carrier of our stresses & tensions. This treatment can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Elemis Face & Scalp Massage

30 mins - £35.00

Induce a deep state of relaxation whilst you drift away in absolute bliss. Using specialised eastern massage techniques to unlock hidden tension in the muscles of the upper shoulders, face & scalp.

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