Elemis Pedicure and Manicures

Elemis Sole Delight Pedicure

1 hour - £36.00

A complete conditioning treatment for the lower legs, cuticles, nails and feet. Includes a cooling Elemis devils mint foot and lower leg exfoliation, a nourishing foot and lower leg massage, all completed with an O.P.I nail polish of your choice.

Elemis Delux Frangipani Manicure

45 mins - £28.00

This complete treatment targets concerns of ageing of the hands reducing creepiness and restoring the skins hydration, leaving hands feeling beautifully smooth. Includes a nourishing exfoliation of the hands and lower arms, care of nails, cuticles, and a deeply relaxing hand and arm massage. Finished off with an OPI polish of your choice.

Elemis Delux Frangipani French Manicure

50 mins - £30.00

Shape and Polish

20 mins - £15.00

An express treatment for refreshing the nails. Includes shaping and trimming of the nails, finished with an OPI polish of your choice.

Mango Paraffin Wax Treatment

15 mins - £11.00

Upgrade your manicure or pedicure with this intensive mango paraffin wax treatment. Drench your skin in moisture, soothe aching joints, conditions even the driest of hands & feet.

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